Joyful autumn: how to adjust child's emotional state after holidays

With the beginning of autumn, most of us start counting down the new working year. We return home from vacation, from rest — in a working rhythm. When going back to kindergartens and schools our children very often live this experience with us and face stress as well. I propose to make together a strategy to help our little ones on this path.

In raising my children, I singled out "two whales" of a stress-free return to a working regime - a daily routine and an emotional routine.

Daily routine

Child psychologists and doctors point out, and parents are convinced in practice, that kids feel better when they have daily routines — regular, constant, clear, and predictable. It's not just about getting on with your life, it's also about stabilizing your emotional health. The mode gives children a sense of comfort, confidence, and the ability to control what is happening around.

I advise you to rely on the basis — sleep, food, air.

To set up a sleep routine after vacation, begin returning your kid to the schedule few days before the start of the school year. Establish a clear time frame for the night (and, if necessary, day) sleep. At the same time, create conditions in which the process of falling asleep will be accompanied by appropriate rituals - not only brushing teeth and showering, but also some interesting activities for children, such as reading books, listening to audio tales, falling asleep of toys. Thus, preparing for sleep will be more of a game for the child than a duty.

It is also important to set aside time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is better if it is at the same time every day. I do not recommend watching cartoons during meals. It is distracting and harmful. It will be better if the whole family discusses plans and expectations for a day when having breakfast, for example. In addition, this way, the child adjusts to his/her active day.

Do not forget about regular walks in the fresh air. Try to set aside at least an hour each day for outdoor activities. I advise you to propose something new to your little ones more often: cycling, playing Frisbee, drawing with chalk, playing with other kids on the playground.

Emotional routine

We know very well that emotions are our signals and landmarks, and mental health is just as important as physical health.

Today, our task is to avoid excessive stress, so the first rule is to be attentive to your children. It is important for us to ask them as often as possible about how they are feeling, how their day went, what comforted them, and what upset them.

As we schedule our day, I advise you to form daily emotional habits according to this schedule.

Focus on small victories, express readiness to help in moments of defeat. First days after returning from vacations have to be filled with as much joy as possible. Be sure to come up with a farewell ritual - hugs, escorting to the door, waving your hand — it gives the child a positive feeling of starting the day.

I hope my tips will be useful for you. I wish you to stay calm and enjoy the new working year! Take care of yourself and your children, provide yourself and them with regular rest to regain strength and achieve your goals with pleasure!

With love, Elizabeth