Hyperactive Children: Know How to Help - Part 2

In my last article I shared with you what ADHD is and what its manifestations are. Now I want to focus on how parents can help hyperactive children.

Hyperactive kids often have problems with daily routine, schooling, etc. That happens because they find it difficult to organize and focus. I advise parents to create appropriate conditions at home.

1. Learning corner.
The child should have a separate space where he/she performs developmental tasks or homework. This space should be organized, free and not distracting.

2. Identify the strengths of your little one.
This piece of advice applies to all children. Someone is better at drawing, someone likes to count and learn formulas. Encourage the child to study those subjects at school that will promote his development, but will not be a burden. Learning should be a joy!

3. Timer and task distribution.
Use a timer for 10, 20, or 45 minutes to complete any task. It is very difficult to hold a kid's attention for more than 45 minutes. It is worth taking a break in a form of some activity at home or outside.

4. Do tasks together.
Children with hyperactivity are more comfortable studying when they are accompanied by a person who can perform their work calmly, monotonously, and routinely. Kids adopt the mood of an adult and homework is no longer so much of a concern.

5. Follow your little one.
If you notice that your child is tired or at this particular moment is not in the mood to perform tasks - leave the task. Play games, go for a walk, and return to the task later. Show your child that you understand his/her feelings and accept them.

It is often very easy to understand a child's psychology. It is enough to imagine yourself in the place of your kid in a given situation. Each of us wants our emotions to be valid. Therefore, let's be attentive to our children and show our strong love for them every day.

With love, Elizabeth Cole