Kindness Makes Me Stronger

If you want to teach your children the magic of Kindness, this cute picture book is the right choice for you. It will clearly show your little ones how easy and joyful it is to be kind.

Spending a time on grandparents' farm little Nick meets new friends – funny animals that don't behave nicely. Having faced a great challenge our little hero manages to teach his new friends the power of kindness, caring and compassion.

This kids book about kindness is filled with colorful illustrations and charming rhymes. Guiding through an exciting story and dialogues with animal characters this story will help your little ones in many ways:

  • to express their empathy, compassion, and gratitude

  • to respect both elders and younger ones, together with their peers

  • to help those in need and to appreciate true friendship

  • to acquire nice manners

  • to accept diversity and the importance of inclusion

  • to love nature and take care of the environment

  • to practice sharing and generosity as great human virtues

Additionally, you will find an inspiring kindness-related game for kids as a bonus. It will help to grab kids' attention and deal with children's big emotions and feelings in a playful way.